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— DCO [Contemporary Dentistry], courses for professionals only.

DCO Team

Renaud Noharet has co-created the DCO [Contemporary Dentistry] training programme for practitioners wishing to master the most advanced techniques and methods, especially in implantology, dental aesthetics and medical photography.

Throughout the year, in collaboration with Dr Marie Clément, Lionel Montagnier and Charline Faure, Dr Noharet passes on his expertise in a purpose-designed area of his clinic, as well as in various locations selected by the DCO TEAM, in France and abroad.
Marie is a Doctor of Dental Surgery whose practice focuses on the aesthetics of the smile and the overall aesthetic rehabilitation of patients. She is passionate about her work.

She aims to pass on this passion both in her private practice and when teaching students and colleagues.
Lionel has been a photographer and communications film-maker for over 20 years.

A simple, pragmatic and coherent approach to the material and guided implementation will enable practitioners who so wish to perfect their use of photography in their day-to-day practice.
Charline is in charge of all training and events inside and outside the clinic. She is in contact with practitioners wishing to train with the DCO team.

Charline ensures that each training session is a special experience for these passionate dental surgeons.