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— Marie-Liesse, Charline and Séverine at the service of your dental health and well-being.

Marie-Liesse is in charge of the general and administrative organisation of the practice. She looks after the comfort and well-being of the patients for whom she is the main contact.
Séverine is a dental assistant in charge of all the technical aspects of the practice. With her extensive experience, she is in charge of the operating theatre, ensuring that surgical procedures are carried out under optimum conditions.
Charline is responsible for the training courses run by Dr Noharet. She coordinates with dentists wishing to train with the practice team. Her aim is to make each training session unique, so that these passionate participants have a truly special time.

Your dental practitioner

Renaud Noharet is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, university lecturer and hospital practitioner. Renowned for his work in implantology and oral rehabilitation, he puts all his expertise at the service of his patients and the training of other practitioners.